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Freitag, 24. Januar 2014

The Teerthas: Hindu Pilgrimage (A Journey Through The Holy Places of Hindus All Over India)




Back of the book
As humans, we lead a life full of struggle and strife. During trying moments, we might knowingly or unknowingly indulge in actions that may be sinful. After a certain time, the wrong actions start weighing us down, and our conscience prods us to atone for our sins. That is when we consider visiting a teertha. Where we can go and ask for forgiveness. Such a spiritual journey is termed as a pilgrimage or teertha yatra, which is one of the distinguished facets of Hinduism. Though, undertaking a religious journey is not mandatory in this religion, still a number of Hindus visit the teerthas every year in search of peace and enlightenment.

Most of the teerths are located in calm and secluded places surrounded by the pristine beauty of nature. These places may be near a water source, a mountain or a forest. Their environs are further sanctified by the presence of the holy men and their regular mantra chanting. Such places provide immense peace to the soul.
Hindu Pilgrimage – The Teerths takes you on a mental journey to such spiritual places in India. The book discusses in detail Chaar Dhaam, Himalayan Chaar Dhaam, Sapt Puri, Dwadesh Jyotirlingm, Panch Sarovar, Sapt Sarita, Divya Desam, Shakti Peetha, Yatras and also some of the famous temples in India. Enhanced with vivid and exclusive pictures, the Book brings the places alive and Inspires one to make a pilgrimage to these holy shrines.

About the Book
Hindu Pilgrimage- the Teerthas is a product of Hindoology Books, an imprint dedicated to exploring Hinduism and revealing its various colorful features. In this book, we have tried to step into one of the most revered territory of Hinduism, that is, journey to various holy shrines in our country. The book is a comprehensive study of all such spiritual places, which includes even the minutest details of the myths and legends associated with them, the rituals prevalent and the way puja is performed there.
The content of the book is segregated into various units providing a more systematic and organized approach to the book. Enriched with lively pictures, the book is exclusively designed to surpass the highest standards of content and production, which makes it a true value for money. We acknowledge the contribution of all those who have been instrumental in the making of this encyclopaedic work at all the stages of its planning and production, including the editorial inputs from Mrs. Seema Gupta.

About the Author
Born and studies in New Delhi, India, Sunita has been a prolific writer since childhood, having published her first poem at the age of eight. While studying Human Nutrition in conjunction with the Indian Traditional wisdom of Ayurveda, she began writing on health and nutrition, and then went on to writing on general fitness, psychology, beauty and parenting.
Sunita has worked as an editor with The Times of India Group, starting the path-breaking supplement, The Saturday Times. She founded and edited the Eternal solutions, a monthly magazine on wellness. She began writing for children in 1988, having written 36 books based on traditional India wisdom till now, and more to come.
With nearly a thousand articles published till date, Sunita has also aired a number of progammes on radio and television as well. Her versatility with handling media can be seen in the numerous books, multimedia CD ROMs, audio CDs and short films that she has created in the last two decades. Some of her products are: History of India, Encyclopaedia of India, Healing Rhythms of Indian Classical Music, on the Footsteps of Buddha, and Ramayan for Children.
Sunita Pant Bansal has published three of her books under the banner of Pustak Mahal. Hindu Pilgrimage the Teerths is her fourth book with us, and the first under the imprint Hindoology Books.

Chaar Dhaam10
Jagannath Puri17
Himalayan Chaar Dhaam26
Sapt Puri36
Dwadesh Jyotirlingam56
kashi Vishwanath62
Panch Sarovar70
Bindu Sarovar76
Narayan Sarovar78
Sapt Sarita80
Divya Desams92
Maktinath temple96
Venkateshwara temple97
Padmanabhaswamy Temple98
Ranganathswamy Temple99
Varahalakshminarasimha Temple100
Shakti Peeth102
Mahalakshmi (Kollapur)106
Ambaji (Gujraat)107
Mangala Gauri (Gaya)107
Kumari (Kanniyakumari)108
Kalighat (West Bengal)111
Bhavami (Maharashtra)112
Kamakhya (Assam)113
Kailash Mansorovar Yatra116
Amarnath Yatra120
Panch Kedar Yatra124
Vaishno Devi Yatra128
Sabarimala Yatra130
Alandi Pandhapur Yatra132
Some other famous temples135
Dakshinaarka Temple136
Konark Temple137
Surya Pahar Temple140
Surya Naar Temple141
Suryanarayanaswamy Temple142
Brahmanya Dev temple143
Guruvayur Temple144
Meenakshi Temple145
Mahabalipuram temple147
Adi Kumabheshwar Temple148
Kamakshi Amman Temple149
A List of other Important and Popular Temples in India150

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