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Freitag, 24. Januar 2014

The Hindu Book of The Dead


About the Book
The Hindu Book of the Dead discusses all the concepts, beliefs and traditions found in these texts as well as the secular classical works about the death and its meanings critically. The significance of various funeral rites and rituals and their relevance for the soul and for those who are alive have also been explained. What are that ritual and their meanings and how the soul tries to overcome the cycle of life and death?


• Death signifies an end to the body journey but the journey of the spirit i.e. atman continues.
• Rituals are meant to propitiate the soul and enable it to begin a new journey without the body.
• There are nine gateways for the atman to leave the body.
• Hindus believe that birth is the beginning of a process that does not terminate at death, though death does cause a temporary break.
• All schools of philosophy accepts that moksha is release from ignorance, sorrow and the life death cycle.

About the Author
Dr. Trinath Mishra belongs to a family of Brahmins of the Advaita Tradition. He learnt Sanskrit and Studied scriptures from Shri Ramakant Shastri, Dr. Ramdev Tripathi and Shri Soham Maharaj. Dr. Mishra had his formal education at Naterhat School, Jharkhand; Patna College, Bihar and Rohilkhand University, Utter Pradesh. He was awarded the Radhika Devi Gold Medal for his academic accomplishments.
He served in the Indian police service from 1965 to 2002 and was decorated for gallantry as well was distinguished services. Two of his books, Kumbh Gatha and Maulana Jalauddin Rumi have been widely acclaimed.


Publisher's Notexi
1Cycle of Life and Death3
2Sharia-The Body that Decays17
3Anta-The Final End61
4Antyeshthi-The Final Ritual97
5Gati - The Journey beyond125
6Pitra and Shaaddha141
7Moksha-The Liberation159
8Yama and His court169





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