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Freitag, 29. November 2013

Trevolta - Crowdfunded Travels

Here comes a new project of crowdfunded "travelling" to get
the funds for realizing ones projects,
which is currently in the Beta-Testing phase
so we both, me and Stephanie
are currently in the queue, waiting to get access to
the platform,
patienly waiting in line.

If interested, you could please use one of the invite links
below to push us forward in the waiting line, at least three
successful invites are neccessary for this.

Anyway, it seems to be a great concept for travelling photogs,
writers and journalists to get funds and report along the way
with their stories, experiences, pictures, thereby interacting
along their travels with the sponsor creatively reacting on
their wishes in a constructive dialogue.

We hope it it will work out for us as well, Kalachakra 2014 is
coming for sure in Ladakh next year, some travelling with no-
mads is planned as well, the char dham yatra to continue with
our long-term sadhu project and well, Thomas can celebrate
10 years of "Mask Dances of Ladakh & Zanskar" in 2014 as well
as hoping to meet some of the buddhist nuns along our ways.

So it would be nice to become part of this new platform, being
either Beta-Testers or check it out later on when it opens up
for everyone..



  Thomas Wilden
Social Media & Photography

Stephanie's invite link

Thomas' invite link

Crowd-funded Travels

Plan an extraordinary trip and get it funded by inspired people, amazed friends and generous sponsors!

"Come, sit down, relax, ... no tension !"

Om Nama Shivaya

Thomas Wilden


Stephanie Meyer

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