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Mittwoch, 20. November 2013

Riverside Rendezvous at Kumbh Mela 2013

Sadhus, Pilgrims and Tourists are meeting Students, Photographers & Filmmakers, Journalists - ... on "Riverside Rendezvous", a Kumbh Mela photographic reportage.

Ten young Italian artists, tell us first, with uniqueness, taste and talent , about
the Kumbh Mela, an event of extraordinary importance:

The gathering of more than 80 million pilgrims from all over the world , on the banks 

of the confluence of three rivers, two of which are real, the Ganges and the Yamuna 
and the third, virtual, mythical and invisible: the river Sarasvati.

The report, which will transform visitors into explorers of spirituality , uses an impor-
tant contribution photo, obtained by selecting thousands of shots, and an exceptional documentary.

Both are a beauty, refinement and creative energy never seen before.
The Italian artists and their academic training in and outside Europe have played a very important role.

Both the photographic exhibition to the movie, that emphasize the unprecedented dialogue between Hindu religious culture and Western culture, the latter attracted in recent years by an increasing number of people fascinated by the deep religiosity Indian and the mildness of the population that is purified in
cathartic waters of the sacred river.

The inauguration (September 18 , INVITATION ONLY ) in addition to the authors that we will talk about their wonderful trip and PopEye association to which they belong, will attend and speak Marco Zolli , a distinguished expert of India, founder of a cultural center in Benares
where he welcomes and teaches Hindi Italian students.
At the end, for the welcome guests there is a special Indo-Bars with authentic Indian de-
licacies. (The date for this event is already in the past, the text remains unchanged as geiven by the text's source.)

The documentary premiered national absolute (with reservations required ) on Septem-
ber 25, in the presence of Mario Zanot (friend of the writer Tiziano Terzani from whom 
he collected the last interview and witness almost certainly inspiring a movie on Master), 
is the direct account of an experience nothing short of exceptional and a unique festival, shared by millions of people , through three different looks and mix of three different parallel stories : 

that of a Western traveller, that of an Italian "Sadhu" and that of an indian pilgrim.


Comunicato Stampa: Dieci giovani artisti italiani, narrano per primi, con unicità, gusto e talento, il Kumbh Mela, un evento di portata straordinaria: il raduno di oltre 80 milioni di pellegrini da tutto il mondo, sulle rive dove confluiscono tre fiumi, due dei quali reali, il Gange e lo Yamuna e il terzo, virtuale, mitico ed invisibile: il fiume Sarasvati.

Il reportage, che trasformerà i visitatori in esploratori della spiritualità, si avvale di un importante contributo fotografico, ottenuto selezionando migliaia di scatti, e di un documentario eccezionale.

Entrambi sono di una bellezza, raffinatezza e slancio creativo mai visti prima d’ora. L’italianità degli artisti e le loro formazioni accademiche europee ed extraeuropee hanno giocato un ruolo decisamente importante.

Sia la mostra fotografica che il filmato, danno rilievo al dialogo inedito tra cultura religiosa induista e cultura occidentale, quest’ultima attratta negli ultimi anni da un sempre più alto numero di persone affascinate dalla profonda religiosità indiana e dalla mitezza della popolazione che si purifica nelle acque catartiche del fiume sacro.

All’inaugurazione (18 settembre, SOLO SU INVITO) oltre agli Autori che ci parleranno del loro meraviglioso viaggio e dell’associazione PopEye alla quale appartengono, sarà presente e interverrà Marco Zolli, illustre esperto dell’India, fondatore di un Centro culturale a Benares dove accoglie e insegna Indi a studenti italiani.

Al termine, per i graditi Ospiti è previsto uno speciale Indo-Aperitivo con autentiche delizie indiane.

Il documentario, proiettato in prima assoluta nazionale (con prenotazione obbligatoria) il 25 settembre, alla presenza di Mario Zanot (amico dello scrittore Tiziano Terzani dal quale ha raccolto l’ultima intervista e testimonianza quasi certamente ispiratrice di un film sul Maestro), è il racconto diretto di un’esperienza a dir poco eccezionale e di una festa unica, condivisa da milioni di persone, attraverso tre diversi sguardi e intreccio di tre diverse storie parallele: quella di un viaggiatore occidentale, quella di un Sadhu italiano e quella di un pellegrino indiano.

Dal 19 Settembre 2013 al 04 Ottobre 2013Milano
Luogo: Museo d'Arte e Scienza
Costo del biglietto: intero € 8, ridotto € 4
Telefono per informazioni: +39 02 72022488
Sito ufficiale: http://museoartescienza.com


PopEye opens Mestre Film Fest

PopEye opens Mestre Film Fest

Riverside Rendezvous official trailer (from PopEye)

A documentary by PopEye about the Purna Kumbh Mela, one of the largest and most important religious festival in the world, as well as the most crowded gathering of
people in the human history.

Between January and March 2013 more than 100 million people reached Allahabad city,
at the confluence of three rivers: Ganges, Yamuna and the mythical invisible Saraswati.

This one-off event is told through 3 different views: that of a Western traveller, that of
a Sadhu and that of an Indian pilgrim.

The straight story of lived experiences offers a reading that goes beyond biases,
enriched with a creative, conceptual and pragmatic surge which applies to the
very nature of the travel.

The documentary - which is currently in post-production - will be released in
September 2013. http://vimeo.com/67633143


PopEye Productions - THE PROJECT KUMBH MELA 2013


PopEye is an interdisciplinary international circuit that connects students and young experts in the fields of Anthropology, Economy and Visual Arts.

The first activity of the PopEye group will lead to a documentary about the Purna Kumbh Mela (litt. “complete” Kumbh Mela), one of the biggest and most important religious festivals all over the world.

According to the Hindu calendar, this pilgrimage leads millions of people to the confluence of three rivers: the Gange, the Yamuna and the mythical and invisible Saraswati. The festival is set every 12 years in four different cities (according to the cosmological influences of planets and constellations).

The most important of those cities is Allahabad, where about 60 to 70 million people gathered in 2001 during the Maha Kumbh Mela (the “big” kumbh Mela), an event that occurs every 12 Purna Kumbh Melas (once in 144 years).

The next Purna Kumbh Mela will be in Allahabad between January, 27th and February, 27th 2013. Allahabad, which counts a million inhabitants, rises on the Gange, in the Uttar Pradesh region, 600 kilometers away from New Delhi. During the festival a very special town, named “heavenly city”, rises near Allahabad.

It is made of a big mass of tents where pilgrims coming from all over the country use to live during this period of time. In Hinu tradition, the pilgrimage is seen as a purification trip, culminating in the ritual bathing in the Ganges river.

This special experience is shared by millions of people and has attracted in the last years a huge number of tourists from western countries, fascinated by Indian tradition and by the peculiarity of the event.

The equip will work in this framework: the fieldwork will be set in Allahabad and in other cities where the religious pilgrimage and the western tourism will be more remarkable. Aim of the research will be the production of a documentary of about 30-50 minutes of duration.

The production and filming will least about 50 days (from January, 15th until early March).

A website will be created starting September 2012. Its task will be to start sharing pieces of news and editorial articles to make known the project.

Moreover, during the fieldwork period the website will help the audience following the Kumbh Mela and the production of the documentary live. Pictures, videos and articles will be added every day to create a complete overview of the happenings.

A very special kind of research group comes out from this poliedric sum of competences, able to operate out of classical schemes. With its activities, the equipe aims to deeply analyze ethnographical events by different views, with a special focus on the multi-
disciplinary aspects of the research.

Popeye - Ethnovisual Association (currently working on projects in Africa & Italy)


PopEye – Ethnovisual Association is an international group which gathers young people involved in anthropology, visual arts, journalism, economics, law and linguistics coming from European and non-European universities.

My personal "Riverside Rendezvous" with Popeye - Ethnovisual Association (Productions)

Meet & Greet my friends:

Anthropologist Marta Mira Talpelli ("The Lady who knows it all")

The almighty witch who is holding my hand, answers all my questions and plans to do her PhD on the Italian Holy Men, the Sadhus of Italian origin.

Besides that we share a common interest into the Aghori Sadhus and their "terri-
fying" tradition of proving Shiva.

Anthropologist & Photographer Giacomo Mario Dei Rossi (The "Mobile" Man)


Italian Sadhu Iswara Giri Naga Baba ("The Hippie")


Sending all love, light, and blessings.

The corresponding text is under construction and will follow after a short delay.

Inconcenience regrettted.

"Come, sit down, relax, ... no tension !"

Om Nama Shivaya

Thomas Wilden


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