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Montag, 28. Oktober 2013

Shankara acharya - Spiritual teacher - Guru

Shankaracharya lived around 800 A.D The acharya suffix equals the term "teacher". Shankara means the "auspicious one", he is deemed to be the "incarnation of shiva". 

He turned ascetic age 8, dies age 32. His philosophical systemis Advaita Vedanta, pure monism, "tat tvam asi" equals "That art thou". He established a structure for Shaiva sects, the dashnamis, equals Ten Names, like Giri, Puri, ... 

Ascetics of those orders are called sannyasis, "renouncers", more specifically dashnami sannyasis, equaling "regular sannyasis". Special types are dandis, brahmacharis, viraktas and the Nagas (!) 

Nagas = Warrior Ascetics, Naga sannyasis, the naked renouncers, in short Nagas Their regiments are called Akaras. akara = place to train the body to have training in arms not meant to be centres of religious learning (!) Akaras attribute their orign to Shankara, some are older some younger. 

Other shaivite sects > few more major ascetic sects - Goraknathis (Yogis, Jogis) - Aghori - Udasin Goraknathis in outlook very similar to sannyasis, but dont follow Vedantic teachings of Shankara. 

That's what book knowledge says in short about sannyasis in one source, so they are all renouncers, some organized in sects and akaras, some not, some brahmins, others not, ... 

Concerning Hanuman, he belongs to Rama/Sita (e.g. Vishnu) and the Ramayana story. 

In real life i think its good to know the theory and go forward with what the babas do in their daily lifes. 

The corresponding text is under construction and will follow after a short delay.
Inconcenience regrettted.

"Come, sit down, relax, ... no tension !"

Om Nama Shivaya

Thomas Wilden

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