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Freitag, 22. Juni 2012

"The street vendor ..."

... was really proud that I took his picture, as you can see easily in the shot.

One of countless scenes so common that after some time you stop to realize the ordinary people trying to do some business on the streets of India.

On the one hand it's a travellers protection against the hassle of street hawkers, touts, would-be guides, "come-into-my-shop, only-look-no-buy"-commission wallahs, ...

... but on the other side you are missing out on the most forecoming ordinary people
and their daily lifes you can meet when travelling around India.

They are all nice to talk to BUT don't take them too serious, and definetely don't go with them and/or buy their stuff for inflated prices. Street food is usually good and fresh, but check you don't get "old" food and don't pay more than the locals do.

If the vendor starts to hassle you or is trying to force you into a buy just stop talking and simply walk away.

In any normal situation, like the guy in my picture, these people are all just proud to have met a foreigner, even to have had their picture taken, which often makes their day and gives them something to brag about with their friends in the evenings.

You will make friends for life and they will recognize you instantly when you come back to their places and towns even after years of absence..

To experience the culture on the streets and their people, enjoy the contacts and by-chance meetings, join into the conversations, try the food and just have a good time.

That's the way how pictures like the one just shown above are made.

Thomas Wilden

A Tavelling Chobi Wallah
on the Streets of India/Asia

The story told above works in this way for the male traveller (photographer, journalist, tourist, ...) BUT I do get feedback from girls/women who tell completely different stories of comparable situations in the streets of India.

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