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Photographie, Malen mit Licht, Farben, Emotionen, Gefühle, Ausdruck, Mimik & Gestik, Poesie und Prosa - Bilder, Worte, Posen, Tanz, ... besser kann ich es im Moment eben auch noch nicht für mich definieren, "Kunst" eben, im weitesten Sinne des Wortes.

Samstag, 23. Juni 2012

Namkeen-Snacks and Chewing Tobacco ...

..., whatever you need for your daily life or an leisurely afternoon of pleasure, you can find it all easily at your trusted local street seller's shopping cart.

Everyone being a salesman and entrepreneur, mostly being self-employed, renting the carts but doing business on their own, you can trustfully send your son or grandchildren to buy the required wares for pennies, just at the stalls conveniently passing your home plying the streets or waiting at the next street's corner for their customers orders.

Whatever it takes, it will definetely take your time, but therefore you will have an harmo-
nious shopping experience.

Like in the picture shown above, the contrasting colors of reddish-brown and blue, the old seller with his young customer, postions of subjects (up-left, down-right), the forms and diagonal lines leading your views and the soft shadowless light are all creating the picture of an harmonious and peaceful scene of life taking place on the streets of Agra's Taj Ganj village.

Taking this kind of picture will also require your time and willingness to become part of the scenery, melting into the background, exploring and watching how scenes are developing just in front of your and your camera's eye.

But don't miss the decisive moment, here the boys look into the viewers direction, because otherwise you will just have had a nice experience to remember but no picture to show your experience of the scene to your readers.

If it works, you as the photographer will be forgotten just like an omniscient author telling the story of what really happened when you have been there in the first place.

Already too many words, so stop reading now and go exploring right into the picture.

Thomas Wilden

A Travelling Chobi Wallah
on the Streets of India/Asia

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