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Montag, 18. Juni 2012

"Boy on a charpoy ..."

"... waiting for customers passing by to buy a satchel of chewing tobacco."

This street scene is not an arranged one, but the boy actually wanted to have his photo taken and was therefore kind of "posing" for the camera.

That is something i normally dislike and usually don't do, but this is the way it often happens.

You see are nice street scene with people unaware of you in their natural habitat, but as soon as you are raising the camera to take she shot unobtusively in an inconspicuousway your subjects becomes aware of you, not rasing his hands in alarm shouting "No, no dont take my picture!" but setting up their best camera smile and posing themselves in a most likeable way, at least in their view, which is even worse for you as a photographer.

And most often completely spoils the situation by putting you into a cultural dilemma of a looming misunderstanding ahead , e.g. walking away without taking a picture, thereby disappointing your model or taking the shot making them happy but leaving you disappointed by not getting what you saw in the first place.

Anyway, no one said, that street photography would be easy but at least when travelling it makes up for a great "door-opener" to get into contact and having small-talks with many people you meet on your way.

And no, it's no child work at all. The boy goes to school in the mornings and spents some time at his parents roadside tobacco selling stall just in front of their house with the grasing water buffaloes in the courdyard just behind.


Thomas Wilden

A Travelling Chobi Wallah
on the Streets of India/Asia

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