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Freitag, 20. Januar 2012

Chobi Wallah meets Cycle-Ricksha Wallah ...

This guy it met recently plying the streets of Agra near the entrance gates of the Taj Mahal in Taj Ganj area looking for some business, e.g. a customer he could take down to the Red Fort for 5-10 Rupees, maybe.

He gave me and my camera a critical look at first, but let me proceed to take his photo.

I was no business for him, but i met him on his eye-level on the streets of the small village area surrounding the tourist trap "Taj Mahal" lurking just around the corner.

These guys have to rent the cycle-riskshaws mostly, and sometimes they asked me for "Five Rupees going anywhere, go and come back" in the afternoon around 5 o'clock, because they had no business at all during the day, which meant no food at all to eat and nothing to pay their rent for the day.

So whenever you point your camera on a local, please realize he is a human being with his personal story, don't just "point & shoot" and run away and please also don't just offer some money for a quick "tourist shot" as a souvenir.

Respect is what counts on the streets and eye contact is going a long way in this direction.

So far

Thomas Wilden

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